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Born in Trinidad and Tobago on July 16th, 1992, Jamol James was raised in Chaguanas, and has been running throughout the span of his life.  Around the age of 9, Jamol was first recognized by Coach Goddard of the Neon Trackers, during Primary school games.  When Goddard asked him if he was interested in running for his club, he replied, “Sure, I guess so, let me ask my Mother first”. Through this experience, Jamol gained his early start, and learned to love track and field unconditionally.  Coach Goddard encouraged and inspired Jamol, making him feel as though his speed was supernatural.


Later, while attending St. Anthony’s College, Jamol decided to change clubs to one that was closer in proximity to his school.  Realizing that he could gain more opportunity at Queen’s Royal College because of their presence at the Penny Relays, he transferred there, during third form.  After eventually joining the Memphis Pioneers, track and field began to play a central role in Jamol’s life, due to the Pioneers “do the work out, or go home” approach to training.  He humbly admits that he was not very serious about training in the beginning, however, after making his first Carifta team, his life changed dramatically and he became more attracted to success.  At that point, Jamol became extremely motivated and felt that he was actually working with a purpose that would benefit his future.  This feeling manifested, when he reached incredible success in 2010, placing 3rd in the 4x100m at World Junior Championships. On December 31, 2011, he received a scholarship to attend the University of Tennessee, where he competed at the highest level for the NCAA, and internationally.  During his freshman year he made the Olympic team, as one of the youngest squad members on the 4x100m.  He continued to progress, making the World Championships team in 2013, before transferring to Arizona State University.  During 2016, Jamol won his first individual title in the 60m at the MPSF Championships, and he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Digital Culture and Design Studies in May.  Though his story includes many highlights, his “successful” journey has also come with a great a price, in the form of injuries, coaching switches, degree ineligibility, financial struggles and family sacrifices.


According to Jamol, “I think as an athlete, you automatically gain a stigma in regards to intellectual speech, in that people think all you care about is running fast, being focused, and money. But I came to the US and gained more than that, after looking back from where I came and how long the journey has been.  Track and Field has provided me with so many opportunities to meet different cultures, and gain knowledge with an open mindset. Through it all, I have learned to make sacrifices, develop communicative skills, acquire global understanding, remain patient, and come to the aid of others in need.  When it is all said and done, as I gaze into the future, I don’t want to be regarded as just a good athlete, I want be seen as an extraordinary human being.”



All-Season Personal Bests:

60m   - 6.63

100m - 10.08

200m - 20.97



2010 World Junior 4x100m Bronze

2012 SEC All-Freshman Team

2012 All American

2012 Olympic 4x100m Bronze

2013 World Championship 4x100m

2013 CAC 4x100m Bronze

2016 MPSF Indoor 60m Gold

2016 Pac 12 4x100m Gold



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